"The Ground Is Rushing Up To Meet Us" Releases


If Hope Dies' second full length release. Originally released in 2004 on Ironclad/Metal Blade. Re-Released in 2020 by Sakers. Produced by Ken Susi (Unearth).


  1. Shop Till You Drop
  2. Roddy Piper's Magic Sunglasses
  3. So It Goes
  4. The Hungry Ghost
  5. A Prayer To Afflict The Comfortab
  6. The Taker Thunderbolt
  7. Cursus Honororum
  8. Sugar, Free Donuts
  9. Let Freedom Ring (From The Taco L
  10. Who Died And Made Us King
Pressing Information

Digital only release (for now....)
MP3, FLAC & ALAC versions available for download.