Boy Jr.

Boy Jr. is the songwriting/production project of Erica Allen-Lubman (they/them). Allen-Lubman has
established a consistently viral internet presence through artist-crossover mashup covers, as well as
original music that is both catchy and creative, while staying true and personal.
While Boy Jr.’s charming, energetic indie pop-rock flourishes from Allen-Lubman’s academic music
production background, the immense genre versatility is the backbone of the project.
Through an entirely DIY ethos, Allen-Lubman’s career is just about to fully blossom. Through a
combination of genuine musical talent, and high energy, oddball personality, Boy Jr. has attracted a
variety of followers, from music lovers to critics to creators. As she continues to promote her recent 2nd
full length DIY album, “Pay Attention To Meeee”, Allen-Lubman continues to use her platform to
explore expression in artistry, gender, and micro-influencership.

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